Los que dieron sus alas están tristes, 

de no verlas volar.

[Those who gave away their wings are sad 

not to see them fly.]

Antonio Porchia

A “Leporello” is a booklet in the form of a long strip of paper. It is folded like an accordion. A “Leporello” is therefore also known as a folding book. 

The name “Leporello” is taken from the opera “Don Giovanni” by Amadeus Mozart. This opera features the womaniser Don Giovanni, who has a servant called Leporello. He has been commissioned by his master Don Giovanni to compile a list with the pictures and names of all the ladies he has seduced.

Leporello stapled many sheets of paper together, and as they grew longer and longer, he folded them. The name "Leporello" emerged from the folded booklet.

Painful trouble flares

different choices split old bonds

loss can be a birth

[Handmade accordion book]

Emerging from algae

Living among filaments

Science obsolete

[Handmade accordion book]

Eina  |  From 2016 to 2017 I accompanied a little beautiful boy (two years old) in a children's hospice Berlin. This book is dedicated to him.

©2022 Handmade book. 10,00 x 34,7 cm. 

 “Nature’s Brush” , 2023. Accordion Book. 

Made on the occasion of the exhibition in 2023 

“Dampfer, Deiche, Dramen” at 

“Museum Kunst der Westküste”, 

Island of Föhr, Germany.  

Monotypes printed onto 

Japanese Gampi paper, beeswax, pencil 

onto archival museum board, 

100% cotton fiber. 

Size: 20 x 240 cm

 Immer [Always] 2022. Accordion Book. 

Pencil on Japanese Kozo paper. 80 x 180 mm [January 2022]

Dedicated to Kenneth Maue