Homage to Francisco Goya

Photogravure 2007

Felix David

Pinhole Photograph 1999

Snow Woman

Cyanotype, Toned, 2007


Gum Print over Salt Print 2013


Van Dyke Print 2013

'Resting Derwishes' (Fragment)

Salt Print 2014


As photography increasingly becomes digitally orientated there is a desire to look back in history in search of a more tactile experience for image-making.


I work in photogram, pinhole and zone plate. I build cameras. I work in salt prints, and other historic printing techniques, along with audio, video and writing.


These are my instruments. They choose me.


It is my experience when one talks too much about the process or technique, one runs danger to demystify or even betray the work. For a long time I have the opinion that, if at all, the artist might have the questions: What is this? How is it made? Or not at least: How are you doing today?


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